Synergy: the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia (συνέργεια) from synergos (συνεργός), meaning “working together”.

Synergy Forum is an international initiative dedicated to the integration of spiritual awakening with social innovation in service of humanity’s collective evolution. We understand ourselves as part of a worldwide movement of movements, all working to evolve global consciousness, culture, and society. Our contribution is to deliver events around the world that explore and amplify this process, and to support individuals and groups to find their place within it.

Humanity is navigating great challenges in our present time, and we believe that in order to meet them, more and more human beings are feeling the call to step forward and participate in the healing and evolution of our world. Synergy Forum is designed to maximally equip and empower those human beings to find their place in the global change process. Our events synthesize the most effective approaches we know to support people to engage their contribution to it in the most awake, empowered, connected and collaborative way possible.

It is our vision that as a result of this process, a wave of awakened consciousness, purpose, love and action can sweep across the world, including people of all cultures, social backgrounds, and generations.

Synergy Forum evolved out of a series of gatherings held at Villa Unspunnen in Switzerland between 2012-2014 in which spiritual practitioners, activists, entrepreneurs, system experts and leaders from around the world came together to explore the integration of spiritual awakening and social evolution.

Today, as an integration of our learning from these gatherings, Synergy Forum has emerged as a network of teams that deliver events around the world.


Synergy Forum’s approach is intentionally global, drawing from the wisdom of the East, West, North and South, as well as from both spiritual and secular domains of society. A core focus of our events is bringing people into a space of trust, connection, and authentic communion, and then guiding them through a process focussed on three principles.

sf-icons-04Source: Throughout the ages, the mystical and esoteric lineages of the world, East and West, North and South, have communicated the same message. That message is that our true nature is an infinite awake Presence is arising as all life. Different traditions have called this Spirit, Being, God, Goddess or Godhead, Dharmakaya, Brahman, Shiva-Shakti, the Tao, Ein Soph, Allah, or the Supreme Identity. In Synergy Forum, awakening to this Reality is the basis of truly integral and coherent action in the world. Today, though driven by noble intention, many efforts toward positive social change are rooted in separation, anxiety, and opposition. Source-awakened action is rooted in wholeness, coherence, clear purpose, and harmony with Reality. It has no enemy or opposition and yet with clear discernment and compassion moves in alignment with the natural flow of life. In Synergy Forum we aim to guide people into a genuine experience of this awakening so that with practice and over time, it can become the ground and foundation from which they engage their path, relationships, and work in the world.

sf-icons-05Purpose: Source is abundant with enlightened qualities. Science continues to reveal the intelligence that orders Reality. The spiritual traditions have revealed its love and compassion. Today, a new revelation is dawning: that Source is also power and purpose. This power and purpose can be likened to lightning, or an electrical current of pure life-force. In Synergy Forum we support, empower and celebrate every being’s journey into discovering, developing, and embodying their unique expression of Source’s purpose. This is the ‘sweet spot’ where that which inspires them most to do, and that which is their greatest service to the whole, are one. We support people to discover or go further in developing this in the knowledge that the current crisis our planet is facing invites everyone’s gifts to be shared at the collective table. From there, we recognise that entirely new forms collective culture and civilisation can emerge.


Synergy: When people start to express their purpose as it flows from their connection to Source, they increasingly find themselves drawn into relationship with others who are also learning to express this. A collective of individuals each expressing their unique purpose is not simply a group of isolated units, each in touch with their expression of authentic purpose but unrelated to each other. Rather, when individuals are in touch with their unique expression of purpose, a self-organising force of synergy starts to reveal and express itself through the collective and this allows powerful new levels of co-creation and collaboration to emerge. We like to think of this like the patterns of symmetry that appear in nature sometimes, such as the spiral of a snail shell, the arms of a galaxy, the symmetry of snowflakes, or the hexagon structures of a beehive. When every individual part of these structures is in perfect alignment with its particular design, then a pattern of perfect symmetry and coherence emerges in the whole.

We have found that working with these principles provides the most efficient and maximally empowering path to support individuals and projects to find how they can participate in our collective evolution. They leave those who attend our events feeling deeply connected to each other and humanity, awakened to a sense of deep freedom and peace, empowered in their unique expression of purpose, and with real opportunities to collaborate with others on new projects and initiatives in service of the whole.


Jon Darrall-Rew is co-founder of Synergy Forum and co-founder of Bright Alliance. He works with the Global Purpose Movement and as a transformational leadership consultant and coach with individuals and organisations. He is co-author with Dustin DiPerna of the book, Earth is Eden, and holds a degree in Psychology. Jon lives in Berlin, Germany. (To connect with Jon’s work further, see: nakedlight.org)

Dustin DiPerna is founder of Bright Alliance and co-founder of Synergy Forum. He is an author, group facilitator, and meditation instructor. For the past decade has been a student of Integral Theory and practices in the spiritual lineages of Mahamudra and Dzogchen.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University and a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Religion from Harvard University. Dustin remains committed to the development of integrally informed spiritual paths that make spiritual awakening accessible to all. He lives in California with his wife, Amanda, and daughter, Jaya. (To connect with Dustin’s work further, see: dustindiperna.com)


In addition to delivering on the ground events, Synergy Forum acts in the international field as a sphere of connection for a global community of people, projects and teams.

In the last six years we have had the privilege to build community with individuals and projects working towards humanity’s collective evolution in all fields, from business to spirituality to media to sustainability to conscious birthing and parenting, economics, innovation and others. In diverse ways, this community is working toward the emergence of a more awakened society, the evolution of consciousness, and the sustainable development of our human societies.

By openly standing together, we move beyond the noble though often isolated contributions of individuals and groups working toward collective evolution. As a matrix of connectivity in a large international community, Synergy Forum facilitates the awakening collective of humanity to come forth as one network, on one mission, expressed in a multitude of diverse ways. We are a single family, a single living organism, all acting in symphony as one global initiative.

Here are some examples of the projects being birthed and up and running in the community:

Hylo: Hylo is a new kind of social network that helps real communities create, together. ᅠHylo helps you discover the abundant skills and resources all around you so you can bring whatever you can imagine into reality with the support of your community.

Globalish: Airplanes. Mobile phones. The Internet.ᅠ The entire world is now face to face and it’s stretching us to catch up with who we’ve become: a global people. Everything we do at Globalish, from our media to our products and services, is committed to supporting and celebrating humanity as we narrow this gap. We believe that becoming Global Citizens is a key part of our collective future. And, as you’ll see from our viral media channels, everything from art, travel and religion to pop culture, business and politics can be used as profound vehicles to encourage us in this direction.

Bright Alliance: Bright Alliance is a trans-lineage constellation of awake and integrated human beings working together to reveal and participate in a truly universal spirituality. Through its publication of books, events, videos, audio, and the promotion and propagation of human exemplars, Bright Alliance provides an evolutionary North Star for humanity.

African Consensus: Abundant with life and energy of every kind, Africa has on her own soil the resources and the will and know-how to do what must be done. From small scale organic harmony, to high-speed rail and cutting edge IT innovation, Africa and Africans have the means to a bright human and economic future.

Parenting with a Spark: We all want our children to thrive. Thriving is more than being happy: it’s the satisfaction and fulfillment of our being, of our soul. Parenting with a Spark serves you in encouraging your children to blossom in lives of meaning and purpose, as well as in your life as a parent.

We-Practice: We are committed spiritual practitioners who seek to advance human culture and spiritual development through the evolution of collective awareness. We develop and model new, more awakened ways of being in community and in the world. We feel collective and relational consciousness practice is the next step in spiritual practice, requiring as a pre-requisite, individual practice as foundation. We boldly and humbly endeavor to create an opportunity for the Future to reach back and guide us towards it.

Global Innovation Commons: The Global Innovation Commons (G.I.C.) provides a world-wide repository of all innovations which, while possibly protected in one or more countries, have the ability to be used in the rest of the world due to patent expiration, abandonment, invalidity, or failure to file in-country protection. The G.I.C. enables the immediate “open source” generic production of most technologies – even those considered most cutting edge – in markets where patent holders failed to seek or gain protection.

MAM movies: We are an open source network of voluntary independent filmmakers who use media, the arts and technology to inform, inspire and empower others to create positive action in the world. We believe inner transformation leads to outer change and to express it through stories we have been doing several experiments.

New Earth Nation: New Earth Nation is founded in recognition of the primacy of consciousness, the unity of all life and the undeniability of the individual sovereign condition. It is an open invitation to every member of the human family to transition away from all systems and enclosures which limit our capacity for creative self-expression, and instead unite as an extraterritorial family of sovereign individuals who, with the support and solidarity of that family, are collectively empowered to consciously co-create a new paradigm of prosperity, harmony and abundance.

Himalayan Consensus: Himalayan Consensus is a fresh economic development paradigm built upon the three principles of protecting ethnic diversity and indigenous identity through sustainable economic programs or socially-responsible businesses, which prioritize environmental protection and community development.

Everybody-all-at-once: ‘Everybody-All-At-Once’ is about the idea – or reality – of our true human identity as consciousness. It speaks to a shared principle, beyond our individual beliefs, beyond our culture or politics. We’re at a critical moment in human history. Our old patterns of civilisation are failing, and there are many ideas about what should replace them. Everybody-All-At-Once (EAAO) is a place where those ideas come together.

Wonders of the Womb: Welcome to “Wonders of the Womb”, where joy matters and the power of expectant mothers is celebrated. As the physical and mental health of an adult is deeply rooted in his or her womb life, thus the wellbeing of nations is linked to prenatal life. Ecology, from the Greek ‘oikos’, means ‘the house’. Our first ‘house’ is the womb. The way we were treated there has a profound influence on the way we treat ourselves, each other, and our larger house, the Earth.


Synergy Forum is an ever-expanding community of individuals from around the globe. Our community spans more than 25 different countries (such as South Africa, India, USA, UK, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, and others) and includes people working in a multitude of different fields. Our work is to maintain this community as a dynamic reservoir of awakening, authentic communion, and synergistic co-creation in which all participants are mutually enriched.

If you’d like to host a local Synergy Forum in your area, please get in touch with us to discuss possibilities.


Here is a list of the upcoming Synergy Forum events:

Synergy Forum Europe 2017

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Synergy Forum Berlin

A Synergy Forum will soon be beginning a regular process of meetings in Berlin.

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For further information on any of these events or to register email: [email protected]

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